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May 2019

Differential Equations III

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Differential equations describe a wide range of practical problems in areas such as biology, engineering, physical sciences, economics and finance. This course aims to provide students with techniques required to solve classes of ordinary and partial differential equations that commonly occur in applications.


To extend students' knowledge of the theory and applications of methods for solving ordinary and partial differential equations. To provide students with a range of techniques for solving some classes of ordinary and partial differential equations such as are associated with a wide range of applications in areas such as biology, physics, engineering, economics and finance.


Topics covered are: methods for the solution of systems of linear and non-linear ordinary differential equations; techniques for the solution of two point boundary value problems for second order linear ordinary differential equations with variable coefficients; classification of partial differential equations and the solution of boundary value problems for these equations using the methods of reduction to ordinary differential equations by use of separation of variables, integral transforms, and characteristics.

David Roberts
Lecturer for this course

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Linkage future

For a student proceeding in the future to Honours or a higher degree in mathematics, the theory and techniques from this course will be useful in many areas.

Recommended text

There is no recommended text. Numerous books in the Barr-Smith Library can be found by checking under differential equations and partial differential equations.