Nominations Sought for the 2011 AustMS Best Paper Prize

The 2011 AustMS Best Paper Prize Selection Committee is now seeking nominations and recommendations for possible candidates for this prize. This is a newly established prize, and this year the award will be for a publication in Pure Mathematics. In 2012 it will be for a publication in Applied Mathematics and in 2013 for one in Statistics. Thereafter the prize will rotate between these three areas in a 3-year cycle.

Each award will be for a single article, monograph or book consisting of original research, and published in the 6 calendar years preceding the year of the award.

To be eligible for the award of the Best Paper Prize, a publication must have at least one author who meets the following conditions:

i) he/she must be a member of the Society, and must have been a member of the Society for the calendar year at the time of publication of the paper (back-dating of membership is not allowed);
ii) he/she must be normally resident in Australia, and must have been normally resident in Australia at the time when the research was carried out.

In the case of publications with multiple authors, the prize will be shared by all authors. The existence of authors who do not meet the conditions above will not preclude this award, although the Selection Committee may take it into account in assessing the achievement of the author(s) who do meet those conditions.

The Selection Committee may deem a publication ineligible if an author has previously received an award from the Australian Mathematical Society for a body of research which included the publication in question.

A publication may be nominated for the award by any member of the Society who is not an author of that publication.

Nominators should provide a brief (1-2 pages) summary of what makes the nominated publication important and original, with appropriate references to prior or subsequent work in the field. These should be sent by email to the Chair of the selection committee, and all nominations should be received via email by 30th June 2011.

The Selection Committee may consult with appropriate external assessors.

For further information, please contact by email, the Chair of the 2011 AustMS Best Paper Prize Selection Committee, Professor Mathai Varghese, School of Mathematical Sciences, University of Adelaide, Adelaide 5005 (mathai.varghese@adelaide.edu.au).

The Prize winner will be announced at the 55th AustMS annual meeting held at University of Wollongong, NSW, Australia, 26-29 September, 2011.

The other members of the 2011 AustMS Best Paper Prize Selection Committee are:
Incoming Chair - Professor Andrew Bassom
Pre - incoming Chair - Professor Peter Hall
One-year member - Dr Anthony Henderson
One-year member- Professor John Hutchinson.