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June 2020

Mr Christopher Davies

Honours graduate


Office: 666 | Telephone: +61 8 8313 1605

Research seminars

Star Wars Vs The Lord of the Rings: A Survival AnalysisPostgraduate Seminar

Honours thesis

Pre-processing of Proteomic Mass Spectra

Proteomic mass spectra of human sera have the potential to increase the detection of early stage internal cancers. To begin, a case study of some of the history surrounding the use of this technology to detect ovarian cancer is presented. Following this, the technical production of these spectra is described, as well as the pre-processing methods necessary to ensure that numerous sources of systematic variation are removed. Possible methods of statistically analysing the data that result are then described. Finally, the pre-processing methods are applied to a prostate cancer dataset and some exploratory statistical analysis of this dataset are undertaken.