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March 2019

Ms Julia Piotto

Honours graduate


Honours thesis

Duckworth Lewis, Run out?

The Duckworth Lewis method, DLM, is an established method used to calculate the winner of interrupted one-day international cricket matches. Methods used prior to the DLM and after the adoption of this method are described in detail, along with modifications to the DLM itself. Of the methods preceding the DLM, advantages included that the calculations were simple and easy to understand, while disadvantages were that these methods favoured one side over the other. The subsequent methods also had several disadvantages, one of these was the complexity of the calculations. I present an alternative method to the DLM called the 'Player Specific Method'. Although this method is quite data intensive, it is conceptually simple and relatively simple to explain to non mathematicians. As a test case, I used my method for a game played on the 22nd February 2008 between Australia and Sri Lanka at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. I identify the further work that will be needed to develop this method so that it could be used in place of the DLM.