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June 2020

Ms Sophie Calabretto

Doctor of Philosophy student

Honours graduate


Office: 744 | Telephone: +61 8 8313 1606

Research seminars

Turbulent flows, semtex, and rainbowsPostgraduate Seminar

Doctoral thesis

Flow in an annulus

Honours thesis

Mathematical models of neuron firing

The human brain is composed of individual nerve cells, or neurons, whose main function is to transmit and conduct information through the propagation of an action potential. In the 1950s Hodgkin and Huxley created a mathematical model to reproduce this electrical signalling (or firing) of neurons in the brain. The model involves four coupled ordinary differential equations, resulting in a complex dynamical system displaying rich dynamics. By performing bifurcation analysis and using numerical continuation methods on this system, we are able to unlock some of these rich dynamics as well as some, as yet, unexplained results.