IGA - Seminars

IGA - Seminars

Differential Geometry Seminar

The Differential Geometry Seminar meets by default on Fridays at 10:10am. To obtain e-mails alerting you to forthcoming seminars you need to go here and subscribe.

Here is the list of seminars in 2023  and of past seminars.  The organizers in 2023 are Thomas Leistner. in semester 1 and David Baraglia in semester 2.

Strings Journal Club/Basic Notions Seminar

The Strings Journal Club/Basic Notions Seminar tries to meet regularly. To obtain e-mails notifying you of the details of the forthcoming seminars, please contact David Baraglia.

A list of recent past and future seminars is available here.

Finite geometry

The finite geometry seminar meets regularly. For further information contact Sue Barwick.