MAPS Adelaide Region (84kb)Adelaide Region

Adelaide airport is located west of the city centre. It takes about 15 minutes to get from the airport to the city (or North Adelaide) by taxi, and it should cost around $15.

Adelaide city (138kb)Adelaide City and North Adelaide

Kathleen Lumley College is located at 51 Finniss Street (rear entrance at 120 MacKinnon Parade). To get from there to Adelaide University, either walk down Frome Rd (to the south) or cross the parklands and take the university footbridge.
The Grosvenor Hotel is located at 125 North Terrace (number 4 on map).

Adelaide University (206kb)Adelaide University

The Mathematics Building is located at E10 on the map. The Engineering & Maths building is located at D11 behind the Maths Building. All talks will take place in room EM117 on the first floor of the Engineering & Maths building.