Institute for Geometry and its Applications,
          the Nonlinear Mathematics Network, and
               Department of Pure Mathematics,
                  University of Adelaide

                        Workshop on
                     PDEs and Analysis
                    Friday 13 March 1998
                  Room 511, Oliphant Wing

        Organizer: Nalini Joshi (

        Major Speaker: Professor J. Francois Treves (Rutgers)

        10.00 a.m.  A. Carey
                        An introduction to
                        loop group representations

        10.30 a.m.  V. Mathai
                        Spectral theory of magnetic
                        Schrodinger operators on
                        the hyperbolic plane

        11--11:30 a.m. Morning Tea

        11:30 a.m.  M. Eastwood
                        The Penrose transform
                        for fibrations

        12:00 noon  V. Ezhov
                        Canonical isomorphism of
                        two Lie algebras
                        arising in CR-geometry

        12:30--2:00 p.m. Lunch Break

        2:00 p.m.   J.F. Treves
                        On the analytic regularity of solutions
                        of sums of squares of vector fields

        3:00 p.m.   N. Joshi
                        Symmetries and singularities
                        of nonlinear PDEs

        3.30 p.m.   S. Wu
                        KdV hierarchy, Grassmannian
                        and quantum field theory

        4:15 pm     End of workshop