Workshop on Symplectic and Complex Geometry

Dates: Thursday and Friday, 27th and 28th November 1997
Location: Room 203a, Mathematics Building
Organiser: Siye Wu

Here is the programme. Abstracts are also available.

Thursday, 27th November

Morning Session Chair: Siye Wu

10h00-10h50: Elisa Prato (Universit\'e de Nice)
Symplectic quasifolds and non-rational convex polytopes

11h00-11h50: Weiping Zhang (Nankai Institute of Mathematics)
An analytic approach to the Guillemin-Sternberg geometric quantization conjecture

Afternoon Session Chair: Mike Eastwood

14h10-15h00: Adam Harris (University of Adelaide)
Extension techniques for holomorphic vector bundles

Coffee break

15h30-16h20: Siye Wu (University of Adelaide)
On the instanton complex of holomorphic Morse theory

Evening: Dinner

Friday, 28th November

Morning Session Chair: Adam Harris

10h00-10h50: Varghese Mathai (University of Adelaide)
On the nonexistence of positive scalar curvature metrics on certain symplectic manifolds

11h00-11h50: Weiping Zhang (Nankai Institute of Mathematics)
Higher spectral flow and Toeplitz families

Afternoon Session Chair: Varghese Mathai

14h10-15h00: Mike Eastwood (University of Adelaide)
Some normal forms in geometry

Coffee break

15h30-16h20: Mavina Vamanamurthy (University of Auckland)
Generalised elliptic integrals and modular equations