Australian Institute of Physics (SA branch)
in cooperation with
the IGA satellite workshop to
"Mathematics of String Theory 2006"
will host a

at 7:30 pm on Friday 21st July 2006
Venue: Rennie Theatre (in the Johnson building, C2 in the MAP)

Speaker : Jim Gates (University of Maryland, USA)
a world renowned String Theorist

Title: If You Knew SUSY

Ever so often scientists dream of the existence of a new form of matter in our universe One example of this can be seen with the suggestion of the electron made by G.J. Storey in 1874. Today this idea is at the heart of the wealth of advanced nations. Around the early 1970's, scientists began to suggest even newer forms of matter called `superpartners' which are one of the possible signatures that Superstring/M-theory might be more than just a speculation. This lecture provides an accessible introduction to the concept of `supersymmetry' or SUSY.