Strings and Mathematics 2003 IGA workshop

IGA/NITP Workshop
"Strings and Mathematics 2004"

29-30 March 2004

Venue : NITP seminar room, 4th Floor, 10 Pulteney Street, Adelaide

For the location of the NITP seminar room, see Q12 on the university map.

Organizers :

Peter Bouwknegt,
Mathai Varghese,

Speakers :

Jerry Kaminker (IUPUI, Indianapolis)
Jouko Mickelsson (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden)
Avijit Mukherjee (U. Adelaide)
Michael Murray (U. Adelaide)
Hisham Sati (U. Adelaide)
Danny Stevenson (U. Adelaide)

Titles and abstracts of talks :

Schedule of talks :

Overview of what the workshop is about :

String Theory is arguably the most exciting research area in modern mathematical physics. Prolific research is being carried out in String Theory world-over. String Theory is known to the general public as the "Theory Of Everything", thanks to its great success in unifying Relativity and Quantum Field Theory, yielding a theory of Quantum Gravity.The impact of String Theory is not just felt in physics, but also in modern mathematics. It has profound connections with a broad spectrum of modern mathematics, including algebraic geometry, differential geometry, noncommutative geometry, K-theory, index theory and representation theory. Research in String Theory has created several interesting open problems both in this rapidly developing field, and in the related areas of modern mathematics.

For students :

Both of the organisers and some other staff in Adelaide, have projects related to String Theory for interested PhD or Honours students who would like to do research here in Adelaide. Amongst the talks will be some expository lectures, for students in both mathematics and mathematical physics, at the level of beginning postgraduate students. Reasonable financial support is available for interstate students.

Registration :

There is no registration. All are welcome.

Accommodation :

Contact one of the organizers to help arrange your accommodation for the workshop.

Information on Adelaide :

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