IGA/AMSI workshop: Geometric Quantisation (27-31 July 2015)

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  • Venue: Ingkarni Wardli building Level 7 Room 7.15 at the University of Adelaide

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  • Workshop photos

  1. Speakers: Prof Vergne, Prof Braverman, Prof Wu, Dr Huang, Prof Zhang, Dr Vaughan, Prof Paradan, Dr Han, Prof Meinrenken, Dr Loizides, Prof Higson, Dr Song, Prof Henderson, Dr Solha.
  2. Group Photo
  • Slides

  1. Hochs Quantising proper actions on spinc manifolds.
  2. Huang The comparison of two constructions of the refined analytic torsion on compact manifolds with boundary.
  3. Loizides Norm-square localization for Hamiltonian LG-spaces.
  4. Meinrenken Dirac geometry of holonomy fibration.
  5. Paradan [Q,R]=0 for spinc Dirac operators.
  6. Solha Real geometric quantisation.
  7. Song Equivariant indices of spinc Dirac operators for proper moment maps.

The above picture is taken from Ellie Dyer’s PhD Blog (www.ucl.ac.uk/cber/research-training/phdblog/Dyer)